Our Mission.

The Digital Steward


"To deliver, distribute, and manage data associated to agriculture at a precise level, scale, and speed that helps farmers and their advisors work through the challenges they face throughout the world everyday."

What is Satshot?

Online and mobile mapping of satellite, aerial, and UAV/drone imagery for the agriculture industry.


Satshot is a fully customized cloud-based online GIS mapping engine that manages satellite imagery distribution and management for the precision ag industry. Along with Aerial and UAV/drone imagery integration, Satshot uses 3 main products to help make use of this data. Mapcenter, Landscout, and iCue. Each has its own uses and specific tools but all of them are built for the purpose to take infrared imagery and look at changes in the field to help growers be more efficient on the farm. This data is used for VRA (variable rate application) of seed, chemical, and fertilizer by the use of creating prescription maps by management zones in the field. Also, Satshot can be used to monitor crops, look at crop health and stress throughout the season, access crop damage for insurance, manage land use and sustainability, access land value, or numerous other processes and needs that a land owner or operator may have. Satshot is a truly multi-faceted mapping system that scales to any size farm, field, company, or country throughout the world.

Satshot is a back-end API (Application Programming Interface) and is the engine for our cloud-based software: Mapcenter, Landscout and iCue Manager

Each program uniquely helps our users interpret useful information, remotely, of a field.

Some may use remote sensing for historical data, some use it for soil-testing.

And others use it for observing in-season changes, like disease control or irrigation management.

Putting it simply, making use of remote sensed data at every point in the season will absolutely yield profit.


A example of value.

What is the Economic Value of Satellite Imagery?
In perspective, the single year benefits of imagery for northeastern Iowa, alone, was in the scope of 1 billion dollars in 2010. Imagine the impact it is starting to have on the entire country's precision ag industry.


A Brief History.

The software of Satshot


Twenty years ago...

In 1994, around the same time yield monitors and GPS were first brought into the ag-market, Lanny Faleide envisioned the next 20 years. At the time with over 20 years of farming experience, he, with great help from his family, built software to create variable-rate maps using satellite imagery to help save money on chemical, seed, and fertilizer. This vision started from flying around as a pilot above his fields he farmed and his neighbors in the mid to late 80s but also out of necessity due to the challenging times in farming throughout that period.

From the start to today, Satshot has become a leader in the remote sensing industry and has worked with almost all levels of agriculture from individual farmers to Fortune 500 companies. Satshot, over the last 20 years has had a presence from every continent and all top producing agriculture countries. Currently the company host well over 20 million acres worth field boundaries in its system but even more impressive can access satellite imagery maps from any corner of the world. In a single growing season, Satshot usually acquires billions of acres worth of imagery to distribute and manage to its client’s pixel by pixel.

All this started in a small remodeled grainery turned office on the Faleide family farm south of Maddock, ND. It is still there to this day and represents how technology in agriculture can evolve from the farm directly and into the hands of farmers worldwide with a little ingenuity, vision, and hard work. Satshot understands the needs and wants of the agriculture industry through experience and change. Our partners and colleagues are integral to this and when asked about imagery in agriculture almost all say to this day, talk to Lanny and Satshot.


The Evolution of Satshot

As agriculture evolves so does Satshot. Now a brand, service, and product of Boundri Inc., the Satshot technology that was created has continued much like many farms around the world with the founder Lanny Faleide's son Nathan Faleide taking the Satshot technology in a new direction.

Boundri Inc. which was created by Nathan and continues to be a privately owned and run company, will usher in new ideas and concepts that can be built off the technology under Satshot, that his father originally created.

Boundri will continue to run the brand, product, and service Satshot encompasses for the time being, but will also start to create new connections, tools surrounding mapping, imagery, and other needs for the Agriculture Industry. Stay tuned for more...