Our Mission.

The Digital Steward


" As our customers are stewards of the land, so are we with remote sensing.

Our mission is to deliver imagery in its best form and software fit for today's growing market.

We work to help our customers realize their full precision ag potential with remote sensed data. "

What is Satshot?

Cloud-based Mapping & Remote Sensing Imagery for Precision Agriculture.


Satshot is a back-end API (Application Programming Interface) and is the engine for our cloud-based software: Mapcenter, Landscout and iCue Manager

Each program uniquely helps our users interpret useful information, remotely, of a field.

Some may use remote sensing for historical data, some use it for soil-testing.

And others use it for observing in-season changes, like disease control or irrigation management.

Putting it simply, making use of remote sensed data at every point in the season will absolutely yield profit.


A example of value.

What is the Economic Value of Satellite Imagery?
In perspective, the single year benefits of imagery for northeastern Iowa, alone, was in the scope of 1 billion dollars in 2010. Imagine the impact it is starting to have on the entire country's precision ag industry.


A Brief History.

The software of Agri ImaGIS Technologies


Twenty years ago...

About the same time yield monitors and GPS were first brought into the ag-market, Lanny Faleide envisioned the next 20 years.

He, with great help from his uncanny elect, built software to create variable-rate maps using satellite imagery. This was in 1994 and it was named Landscout.


Software #1

The Original Landscout was a small program that loaded into a PC. It could read satellite imagery and analyze fields. Every single satellite image was delivered on a CD to our customers.


Cloud-based Technology in Ag

After just two years, we stumbled upon Mapserver and Cloud-based GIS was born into Agri ImaGIS Technologies. We still use Mapserver today.


The next ten years...

Over the next decade, we moved all our satellite and aerial imagery from CD to server. We now have a historical archive of imagery that dates back to the mid-80s in select locations.

In addition to this conversion, in 2006 we introduced Mapcenter, a full-feature (web browser-based) GIS Mapping program integrated with our complete historical satellite archive.


The software lineup

Then, it was Satshot 3D in 2009 (deprecated in 2012), Landscout Mobile for Android in 2010 (deprecated in 2012), Mapcenter 2 in 2011, Landscout Mobile (Beta) for iOS and iCue Manager in 2012.

On the horizon for 2013: Landscout 2 and Mapcenter 3. Both will be available in May for the 2013 season.