Mapcenter 3

Cloud-based GIS Mapping for your web-browser.

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Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 (not 11),
Mozilla Firefox 24,
Apple Safari 6.0,
Google Chrome 30.0,
or Opera 12.0.



Search from a comprehensive list of imagery this year.


Search imagery from 30 meter to 25 centimeter resolution.

We have archived tens of thousands of images with thousands more added every month, during the growing season.


Build accurate and up-to-date zone-maps using imagery.


Mapcenter has a number of analysis options to choose from, including a new feature in 2014 that allows for full custom zone-slicing!


Everything analyzed is stored, for free, in the cloud.


Zone-maps, scouting reports and photos of your field are freely stored and accesssible anytime with a Satshot account.

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Create a fully customizable account hierarchy, suited for clients of all size.


Single user and multi-tiered national accounts have access to all the powerful tools Satshot offers.

Organize your users, regions and fields with the Satshot Webtree.


Add hand-drawn field or batch import entire farms.


Use Satshot's custom drawing tools or our handy import tool to save fields to your Satshot account.