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Imagery for 2017


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Landscout 2

Cloud meets ground.


The comprehensive in-field solution is Cloud driven, offline optimized and here.


Complete custom grouping.


Landscout v2 is built to work with you, in your field. But planning your work is just as important as working that plan.

The very first section of LSv2.0, 'FIELDS', helps you navigate your account and zoom to any group, farm or field.

Also, an enhanced type-search feature has been added which allows you to lookup any user, group, farm or field in your account.


Refined retrieval.


A key facet of Landscout is having access to a wide gamut of satellite scenes available to analyze.

The 'SCENES' section now lets you search the Satshot database for a scene which can be filtered via a field or even where you stand!



Bio-mass zone mapping.


Create highly detailed and customizable zone maps of any field in the 'ANALYSIS' section of Landscout.

This time, we've added 'Graph View', which gathers the on-screen data and loads it into an interactive histogram.

Also, the addition of 'Preview' gives you the power to view and make changes to your custom map before saving it to your account.


Your personal database.


Loading the datasets onto the map is easy...

...what you do once they are loaded is fun!

Edit, export and email your loaded data. Toggle dataset visibility and adjust transparency. Also, view the histogram and other detailed information.



Scouting. Testing. Tracking.


There is much to be done, in-field, each year.

One of Landscout's fundamental features is 'Events'.

Record everything you do from planting to harvesting as well as soil-testing and scouting. Every event is linked to your field boundary so they're always accessible for viewing, editing and PDF exports.


Capture, upload and link.


We've added another prominent feature to landscout: Photo points.

Any time you're working on a field in Landscout, you may capture a photo with your iPad or iPhone and it will mark a photo point.

You may also upload photos from your device's photo gallery and even link them in your scouting events!


iCue Manager

Automatic analysis.


Another pivotal addition to Landscout is integration of the iCue Manager. You now can receive alerts for new scenes of the field you're currently working in!

The alert system works as it always has, but in Landscout it is filtered based on the field you're working on. So, the moment a new scene is will know!