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Scene notification and automatic analysis.


The need for imagery is no longer one of novelty, but instead one of necessity. Imagery has become an integral part of every sector of the precision ag industry.

Therefore, iCue has become an integral part of the ag industry. We've made it easier than ever to request imagery for a field, farm or even an entire grower enterprise.

You hear it all the time, but with "just a couple clicks", you are able to find imagery and analyze up to hundreds-of-thousands of acres in just seconds.

Every growing business can use a helping hand.

Let iCue be that hand.

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iCue Manager Video Tutorials

Understand Notifications, Subscription, and setting fields to notify.

Pictured above: an example of iCue's coverflow previewing system.


Your list of new scenes and completed jobs.


The Notifications list is an inbox of messages.

And each Notification is a hierarchical field list showing what imagery is available.

With the new coverflow previewing, you are able to view the scene over your field before committing to an analysis.

Every alert you analyze is placed here as a successful job completion to view, export, and create PDF reports.

Receive notifications right away or defer them at your choosing.


Pick fields to receive notifications for.


How do you receive notifications? The Notifying section is a list of your hierarchy and growers within.

Select the fields you'd like to set to notify via the 'feed' indicator to the right of their name and start receiving notifications at your choosing.

Time Machine

Find imagery fast.


Did you add some fields into Satshot mid-season? or maybe you inadvertently deleted some of your notifications.

Whatever the case may be, the Time Machine has your operation in mind.

Select any number of fields and a date-range and create a brand new notification show you the entire image history of said fields!


Classification and notification presets.


The underlying power of iCue is the ability to batch your analyses.

Setup your analysis presets here and they will apply to every analysis done in iCue.

Also, setup the frequency by which you would like to receive notifications.


Create PDFs and Batch Export


iCue makes it easy to create PDFs of your entire notification or completed job.

Also, batch export your analyses in a number of raster, point and poly-vector formats.

While you're at it, save your vector files to your acccount.